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tv   Nightline  ABC  September 20, 2014 12:37am-1:08am EDT

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this is "nightline." tonight, i got it wrong. i made a mistake. >> breaking his silence. roger goodell, speaking out. >> but now i will get it right. >> as domestic abuse scandals rock the league, he says he will not go anywhere. plus -- i walk the line. desperate for the new iphone 6. it will cost you hundreds of dollars, but there's a shortcut. just pay someone to stand in line for you. tonight, the secrets of the professional line sitter. but first, the "nightline" five.
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>> i will embrace change. olay total effects. >> i'm not an air brush kind of girl. i just want to look it. olay, color corrects. your best beautiful. >> number one in j
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good evening. thanks for joining us. here's the man in the middle of the scandal, sparked by notorious football players. roger goodell, facing tough
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questions. the commissioner now coming under fire for everything from his salary to his policies. so, why does he say he's not a failure ? >> i got it wrong, and i'm sorry for that. >> reporter: for 45 minutes -- >> i disappointed myself, the nfl, our fans. >> reporter: apologizing. again and again. >> we acknowledge the mistakes. my mistakes. >> reporter: after a week of silence. grossly mishandling this video. today, promising sweeping chang changes. partnering with groups and a new
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personal conduct policy. >> everyone will participate in education sessions starting in the next month. follow by training programs. my goal is to complete this by the super bowl. >> that press conference wasn't enough. this is the biggest sports controversy in the country. there's such urgency to this issue. people are so angry, and i don't think they got the answers they wanted. >> reporter: and another bomb shell in the ray rice case. espn reporting that the ravens had a detailed description of the video hours after it happened. and the ravens say the espn report is based on false
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assumptions and perhaps misunderstandings. in the end, he was suspended for just two games and publicly supported him. >> i stand behind ray. he's a heck of a guy, done everything right since. >> reporter: in that same nfl conference in may, his now wife apologized. >> i can say i'm happy that we continued to work through it together. and strengthened our marriage. >> that was one of many indications that the ravens did not understand anything about domestic violence. you have a woman that has been battered apologizing next to the man that battered her. >> reporter: and the questions were swirling. why was the league unable to get
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a copy of the video when tmz could? and why did they need the video at all? >> it was clear that a domestic violation had occurred. it was clear and it was horrifying. and that's why we took the step we did. the two-game suspension and a fine. >> this is a big deal, the biggest crisis we've seen in sports in our country. and the fan base is 50% female. they want an answer. >> reporter: it's not just rice. adrian peterson, greg hardy, convicted of assault.
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he appealed and has a new trial coming up. and ray mcdonald, arrested for violence. and just this week, jonathan dwyer, arrested for allegedly punching his girlfriend and throwing a shoe at his son. charges he denies. >> this is the worse possible time for the national football league. where is the consistency on the one thing you can control? whether a player plays or not. >> goodell was grilled by the press. >> it's a bit of a slippery slope? >> why do you think the crimes
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gave you such a difficult time? >> reporter: as goodell spoke, 1,000 fans lined up to exchange their ray rice jerseys, and sponsors began to drop out of campaigns. but it may not matter. >> absolutely, the nfl will win these sponsors back. and what he was trying to do today was to stop the bleeding. to stop the criticism. stand up and take it. and go into the lion's den. >> reporter: ratings for the past weekend's games were at an all-time high. and one thing off the table, goodell was asked if he ever considered resigning. >> i have not. >> reporter: when it comes to change, the nfl admitting it has a long way to go. ryan smith, new york.
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tonight, with apple's iphone 6 shattering prerecoorders, we'o inside the bizarre world of line sitting. welcome to the brisk business of
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waiting. here's darren ravell. >> reporter: for many, the iphone is an item that's earned, not given. but what if you can get this without doing this? enter robert samuel and his company, professional line sitters. >> these are prime positions here, for purchasing. >> reporter: ending up here starts here hours before the doors open. >> 38 hours. we have the patience of job. no problem. >> reporter: they're scouting out which locations will be best. >> know your location at the bathroom. bring a chair.
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>> what's the longest you've waited in line? >> 17 hours. >> 19 hours for the iphone 5s last year. >> two hours. >> reporter: samuel works full-time as a security guard, but getting paid $100 to wait for the iphone five. many require waiting in line -- jordan sneaker releases. women's shoe sample sales. robert does it all. so, you're the only male in the line? >> sometimes. >> reporter: and people on help sites like task rabbit have hourly rates, too. but robert says he's more experiences and more well-known. >> i come up first in all the
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searches. >> reporter: there's no extra cost fordelivery. but full rate for 38 hours is $765. and what a wait it is. >> it's 6:22, thursday morning. and these are the iphone 6s being unloaded from the truck. >> reporter: five hours later, with 21 hours to go, alex is already getting delirious. >> 11:21. i'm going to try something. boredom is setting in. >> reporter: t-14 hours until the release of the iphone 6. look at the line, all the way down. let me show you why you hire a professional. robert is right there in front.
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a little bit tired. customer number one. one of his customers is jeff, playing $1,100 in waiting time to get six iphone 6s. >> he's very good at what he does. >> reporter: and some people say this is a business. >> it absolutely is. i trust him enough to get me my iphone tomorrow. so obviously, he's good at what he does. on top of his game. he's quick. >> reporter: with seven hours to go, the wait gets to alex. he can't do it anymore. the next thing we know, he's in a night club. >> i'm going to go back to the line before it's time to buy a phone. i went to the club. i don't know why. >> reporter: meanwhile, the main group is still at the store, waiting out the final hours.
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>> i'm always happy when i'm first in line. and now, the end of the line goes all the way back. this is my best achievement ever in line. >> reporter: 38 hours after getting in line -- >> it's been a long two days. the apple iphone 6. >> reporter: they have their prize. >> we did it. >> reporter: two phones short because alex bailed. >> no, no. you're laughing like it's a joke. it's not a joke, okay? i have to explain to this guy in another country that i don't have all his phones. >> reporter: robert gets two additional iphones, making all his clients happy. >> it's like christmas in september. three. and let's double check the
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colors. i labeled everything. >> how was it? >> it was an experience. >> reporter: good things come to people who wait. or the people they wait for. for "nightline," i'm darren ravell, in new york. next, it's not your typical hollywood fair. how the lost boys made their way to the silver screen. you, my friend are a master of diversification. who would have thought three cheese lasagna would go with chocolate cake and ceviche? the same guy who thought that small caps and bond funds would go with a merging markets. it's a masterpiece. thanks. clearly you are type e. you made it phil. welcome home. now what's our strategy with the fondue? diversifying your portfolio? e*trade gives you the tools and resources to get it right. are you type e*?
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you know, the buzzest movie
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about to hit theaters is not your typical hollywood formula. amy robach brings us the unlikely journey of "the lost boys." >> these are my brothers. >> reporter: imagine being a refew gee in a new country with only the clothes on your back and having to start a new life. >> we'll start the job hunt. >> reporter: that's exactly what happened to thousands of children who fled the war in sudan. facing unimaginable hardship. they were called the lost boys. and now the journey is being brought to the big screen in the new movie, "the good life."
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jeremiah, a lost boy who manages to make it to a camp with his two friends before they were resettled in the united states. >> now, they're not lost. they're men who will contribute to society. >> reporter: this film is incredibly personal. they were lost boys themselves. how was it to re-enact it? >> well, this is my story. >> reporter: his father was sud sud sudanese. >> it was a journey to learn about my people and what they went through. >> reporter: in the film, they were lucky enough to be resettled in the united states. where they experience things
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like ice for the first time. they were resettled in the united states in 1994 at age 15. they had many of the same problems adjusting. >> i landed, had to take a shower. and i didn't know how to balance the water. it was so hot. it just poured on my face, i'm hot. and i'm in there by myself. so i was screaming, and jumped out of the tub. i'm naked, i didn't want to go outside. >> reporter: indoor plumbing was completely foreign to them. >> the first time i encountered a flush toilet, i thought a snake would come out. >> in america, we have this thing called bosses. you have to put up with it. >> reporter: reese witherspoon
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is in the movie as a woman that ends up becoming their biggest advocate and friend. in real life, they're living lives that are far cries from their childhood. when he's not working, emanuel is a rapper and garrett is a model and filmmaker. >> sorry mom and dad, i did not know. >> reporter: he lives in new york city, but his heart is in sudan. >> to find my mother there, it gave me courage that my journey is long, but this is a new beginning, too. >> reporter: this past august, with a documentary film crew, he set out to find his family who
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were scattered in camps throughout the region. >> this is my family. first time together, over 20-something years. >> reporter: and the extended family gathered around a fire to pray. all they can hope is that the movie can have just a small part of what they shared. >> that's part of the reason we made this movie, to feel the pain of the sudanese people. >> an inspiration. it will be in theaters october 3rd. good night and have a great weekend, america.
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